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Namibia , Monday 23 October 2017

News Namibia » Kunene: RHINO FIGHTS BACK: Charging rhino badly injures hunter after armed gang break into park

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Publication date: onday 23 October 2017

Police in Namibia say a poaching gang had entered the park to slaughter ... Warrant officer Simson Shilongo of the police in Kunene told The Namibian newspaper: "His friends took and hid him on a nearby mountain, and he was arrested there the next day ...

News Namibia » Kunene: Namibia: Muharukua Died On Battlefield - Geingob

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Publication date: Wednesday 18 October 2017

Windhoek — When the late governor of Kunene Region Angelika Muharukua died in Windhoek nearly three weeks ago, she was on an official mission to brief the government on her activities in the region and seek guidance on what was to be done further ...

News Namibia » Kunene: Namibia, China review beef deal

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Publication date: onday 16 October 2017

Unfortunately, from 2016 to the first half of 2017, the country has seen lumpy skin disease outbreaks in the FMD- free zone of Namibia, notably in Otjozondjupa and Kunene, south of the veterinary cordon fence, and Omaheke, respectively. Mutorwa ...

News Namibia » Kunene: Six SAAF platforms deployed for Ex Blue Kunene

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Publication date: hursday 24 August 2017

The South African deployment to Exercise Blue Kunene, currently underway in Namibia, is made up of elements from the SA Military Health Service (SAMHS), SA Air Force (SAAF) and Defence Intelligence (DI). The two-week long exercise is the fifth of its type ...

News Namibia » Kunene: Namibia: A wildlife safari in the Kunene region offers substance over style

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Publication date: Friday 18 March 2011

Russell Vinjevold, our guide, broke into the soppiest of smiles. "Will you just look at that little chap!" To many bush-hardened southern Africans, a baby elephant sheltering under its mother's belly is not necessarily something to get gooey about.

News Namibia » Kunene: Namibia battles worst drought in decades

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Publication date: Wednesday 09 October 2013

Sometimes they just drink some water and go to sleep." Hunger and hardship are recurring themes in Kunene, the northwest province in Namibia, considered the hardest-hit region by a drought many consider the worst in decades. Almost one million people out ...

News Namibia » Kunene: Severe drought taking heavy toll in northern Namibia

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Publication date: Sunday 11 August 2013

The arid hills of Namibia’s northwestern Kunene Region make for a harsh environment at the best of times. With agriculture limited by the region’s dry, sandy soil, most of the local population rely on livestock farming, leading a semi-nomadic existence ...

News Namibia » Kunene: In the Midst of the Namib Desert, an Oasis Awaits: Serra Cafema

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Publication date: hursday 25 June 2015

Outside, the Kunene River which separates northern Namibia from Angola, rushed westward at the foot of my private deck on its way to the Atlantic Ocean. I was a guest of Serra Cafema, the last stop on my Namibian holiday and an oasis in the middle of a ...

News Namibia » Kunene: Namibia's Himba people caught between traditions and modernity

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Publication date: Wednesday 30 August 2017

Image caption Namibia's Himba people have lived a subsistence life for many years Owen Kataparo, a Himba man who grew up in Omuhoro, has taken me back to the Kunene region, an arid and rural area in north-east Namibia to show me how his community is changing.

News Namibia » Kunene: Ancient reservoir could bring water to dry Namibia

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Publication date: hursday 26 July 2012

Two Himba boys pour water into a tank in 2010 in the village of Okapare, near Opuwo in northern Namibia. A stone-age underground water reservoir could transform life in ... water from the Calueque dam on the Kunene River in southwestern Angola (pictured ...